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Introducing the Syclone Amalgam Separator

The Syclone™ Amalgam Separator supports dental practices in meeting the requirements of the new EU dental amalgam regulations with an innovative design and high-yield waste capture.

To order, contact your preferred dealer.

AMLSYS Syclone™ Amalgam Separator System

AMLSYRC Syclone™ Replacement Canister and Recycle Kit

Syclone features

Innovative design
Innovative design

delivers highly efficient 99% amalgam separation, exceeding requirements


ISO 11143:2008 certied by NSF International


Simple-to-install, ambidextrous design with mounting bracket and accessories included


High capacity canister for a cost-effective solution that extends time between changes


Less parts, reducing potential leaks and failure points


Backed by a competitive 2-year warranty* for added peace of mind.

*Warranty for the system. Other terms and conditions apply.

Are you in compliance?

Starting on 1 January of 2019, dental facilities using amalgam or removing amalgam from llings and teeth will have to ensure that they are equipped with amalgam separators.

When discharged into the public water supply, amalgam can be highly toxic. Residual mercury is converted to methylmercury, a neurotoxin. This toxic form of mercury can be ingested by small sh and can travel up the food chain. Methylmercury is linked to devastating health effects in both animals and humans.

Regulations for amalgam separators

Dental practices are required to install amalgam separators complying with European standards, such as ISO 11143:2008, or with other national or international standards that provide an equivalent level of quality and retention

Amalgam separators installed after 1 January 2018 must provide at least 95% separation rate

Starting 1 January 2021, all amalgam separators in use must have a separation rate of at least 95%

Amalgam separators shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the highest practicable level of retention

Syclone Replacement Canister

The Syclone™ Replacement Canister is a costeffective solution that extends the time between changes due to its larger capacity.

Remember to wear safety protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses or face shield when handling full Syclone canisters.

Full collection canisters should be handled, stored and disposed of according to regulations applying to waste containing mercury. Please ensure that the used canister is recycled by a qualied recycling facility.

Your canister must be changed every twelve (12) months or when sediment level reaches the Full Line; whichever occurs rst.

Check the sediment level of the canister regularly. If you would like to keep a written record of the visual inspection, please refer to the Visual Inspection Log.

To order, contact your preferred dealer.

AMLSYRC  Syclone™ Replacement Canister and  Recycle Kit

Additional Resources

Ease of installation

Mounting bracket and all accessories are included. Ambidextrous design meets the need of each individual office, which can help eliminate additional costs often associated with plumbing line reconguration.

Technical information

Review the instructions for use (IFUs) for further technical details.